Daniel Talsky

I create beautiful software, independently or in teams, with good planning, testing, continuous integration, version control, and solid technical writing.

Photo: Lora Robertson

Work: Satellite Collective presents

Rena Butler, Isaies Santamaria, Eoghan Dillon, and Elena Valls
in “Walls Are Here To Fall”
choreographed by Manuel Vignoulle

Work History

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October 2017 — Current

Senior Associate / Software Engineer, Capital One Financial

Primary Technologies:

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, AWS ECS, AWS Cloudwatch

  • Created ECS scaling rules that reduced EC2 spend by over 20%
  • Wrote scalable REST API's to help serve our the Capital One Shopping Experience's 10+ million active customers

July 2016 — July 2017

Senior Software Engineer, Talent Inc.

Primary Technologies:

Docker, Docker Compose, Gulp, PHP, Python

  • Increased production page performance by 60%
  • Wrote a custom front-end build system in Node and Gulp
  • Developed Docker containers for each product
  • Handled all web application PCI Compliance issues

2014 — August 2016

Director of Technology, Satellite Collective

Primary Technologies:

Ruby on Rails, Git, Heroku, HTML/SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache, AWS S3

  • Recruited and managed volunteer technical staff for all web projects
  • Created an open-source web application to display networked art project involving more than 400 people in 43 countries. New York Times coverage: "Satellite Collective, including a programmer and a designer, Daniel Talsky and Matt Dabrowiak, [...] created an elegant website that displays the works as a sort of family tree."
  • Boosted web site to top ranking position on major search engines

June 2013 — April 2016

Software Engineer, Sony Music

Primary Technologies:

PHP, Zend, MySQL, Git, AWS Redshift, AWS SQS, AWS CloudSearch, Python, Flask, JavaScript/ES6, jQuery, Node.js, npm, Gulp, Grunt, React, Jenkins, Docker

  • Designed and authored natural language search RESTful microservice back-ended by Amazon CloudSearch. Performance of pages powered by API boosted by 75%+
  • Co-architected and created BACON, the first commercial tool for automating YouTube monetization using the YouTube Partner API and Amazon SQS. Billboard Magazine coverage.
  • Collaboratively designed & authored Flask/Python REST microservices consumed internally by Sony Music and public 3rd parties

February 2012 — June 2013

Web Developer, The Jones Group, Inc.

Primary Technologies:

DemandWare, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/CSS

  • Developed and deployed DemandWare eCommerce properties for high-profile retail brands owned by The Jones Group
  • Part of a small agile team responsible for implementation of new features, enhancements and marketing campaigns for several high volume web properties collectively generating $80 million annually

October 2011 — February 2012

Web Developer, Bandwidth Productions, Inc.

Primary Technologies:

PHP, MySQL, ffmpeg

  • Integrated custom CMS with websites using PHP and MySQL
  • Wrote a cross-platform video processing queue using ffmpeg

December 2010 — August 2011

Web Developer, Big Fish Games

Primary Technologies:

PHP, MySQL, Lucene, Solr, SVN

  • Spearheaded a project to create a Solr-driven search tool (currently in production) and brought the project to completion.
  • Implemented PCI compliance with CSRF protection on account pages

July 2009 — December 2010

Independent Technology Consultant

Primary Technologies:

PHP, MySQL, SQLite, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache, SVN

  • Partnered with freelance creative resources to produce brand sites and web applications
  • Architected and authored secure, classified web application for the U.S. military to manage security clearance for military personel

October 2007 — June 2009

Senior Developer, ProQuest

Primary Technologies:

Java, Ruby, C#, MSSQL, Perl, SVN

  • Implemented a high-availability SOAP-based XML API in C#.NET
  • Authored a detailed article about ProQuest library technology published by the prominent library and technology journal, Code4Lib.

March 2003 — October 2007

Owner and Application Architect, Roboticat

Primary Technologies:

PHP, Python, Ruby, PostgreSQL, GD Image Library, Apache, HTML/CSS

  • Managed design and implementation of online shopping cart for Utilikilts, increasing online sales by 20%
  • Architected and implemented program catalog and online registration system in a three month timeline handling thousands of registrations each day


  • PHP Master and proud of it, including related technologies like CakePHP, Zend, Composer, Laravel, you name it
  • Regularly use Ruby and Python for automation and file ingestion, Ruby on Rails for a large project, and Flask for APIs and microservices
  • Regularly use front end build technologies like JavaScript/ES6, JSLint, npm, LESS, SASS, HTML up to and including 5, CSS2, CSS3
  • Strong with natural language ingestion and search technologies like Lucene, Solr, ElasticSearch, CloudSearch
  • Built and architected tools using Amazon Web Services like Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, SQS, Redshift, and Aurora
  • Architected applications using queuing technologies like SQS, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, and ApolloMQ
  • Familiar with version control and build tools like SVN, git, GitHub, Jenkins, and Docker
  • Worked on React.js tools with node.js back-ends, and took an intensive class


Satellite Collective

I managed technical volunteers, architected, and built an interactive web application to store and display multimedia art works from 43 different countries and respond to traffic during peak media coverage. See the New York Times coverage of the project. View the project. I managed SEO and brand presence for the brand, putting all our properties at top 5 natural google results.

Sony Music // The Orchard

The Orchard, now Sony Music, used MySQL queries to search its vast music and film distribution catalog. I researched, designed, and contributed to a custom search microservice that took searches from seconds to milliseconds. I co-designed and contributed to BACON, the first fully automated tool for interacting with YouTube rights management, saving hundreds of hours of manual work each month. See media coverage

The Jones Group

The Jones Group manages several eCommerce brands that generate 80 million a year using a single codebase and the popular eCommerce platform: DemandWare. The sites I worked on include: jny.com, ninewest.com, anneklein.com, us.kurtgeiger.com, rachelroy.com, and brianatwood.com. I was part of a small 5 person development team that handled all features and updates to all the sites.


I wrote the first data API in SOAP and C#.NET to serve customers raw information from the popular Ulrich's brand.

I wrote Java and Ruby programs to manage and organize Terabytes worth of information about online serials.


Teague does industrial hardware design for clients like HP and Boeing. They needed to be able to share large files up to 200MB in size and Email wasn't doing the job. I built a cutting-edge web-based file sharing application that let their customers and vendors share files with them frictionlessly.


How I Work

Building a web application starts with having a problem to solve. I am skilled at researching, selecting, and prototyping the technologies best suited to solve the problem.
I am an excellent writer of technical documents. I have concise, friendly language and can author in a clean, clear style that nontechnical people can read, but technical people can still use as a specification. I am good at teasing out in a the planning phase unseen technical complexities that could cause unexpected delays during the actual development process for more accurate estimates.
The next step is interoperability. Making all the layers of technology talk to each other takes examination of code and documentation, and persistance to troubleshoot, test, and do original research when documentation isn't sufficient. Finally, bringing the pieces together to go from minimum viable product to something impressive.
The way I work best with other developers is to start out in very close communication, even pair programming, while we make sure our development workflow and goals are similar, then breaking off to work individually as people's preferences and strengths emerge.
Testing and continuous integration are what keep great products sustainable and maintainable. Many programmers can knock out an application, but applications with a good testing framework and CI stay useful, agile, extensible, and just working well for longer. I am not a TDD purist but believe in a good mix of unit testing and functional testing that runs automatically as a part of an integration workflow. No exceptions.

Interests & Hobbies

I love music and listen to new albums every single week. Check out my Spotify Playlists.
I take photos, especially of everyday life and scenes in New York. My instagram.
I'm working to create a program to tech basic technology literacy to ex-convicts.